Farewell formaldehyde hazards seriously to identify poor quality wood flooring!

- Oct 12, 2016-

And poor quality of color plate

Access log the sapwood and core materials, transfer part of the solid wood base materials, floor dial through the use of color or special color modification, elimination of color difference between sapwood and core materials, to act as a quality wood floor sales deceive consumers. Due to the Cambium and the core material of density, moisture content, wood, etc are not the same, prone to deformation and cracking of floor arch, series of quality problems.

Methods: the floor surface with sandpaper or sawed the back viewing the color of face are very serious.

Second, be careful the interposer board mosaic environment

With some tails, off the boards and solid wood flooring of different length formed by finger jointing process stitching, and acts as a pure solid wood flooring sales deceive consumers. This type of flooring by using large adhesive splicing, high formaldehyde content environment, and stress are prone to deformation and cracking in the floor.

Method: longitudinal sawing or sanding finger marks.