Foreign wood flooring purchase easily fool how to identify the authenticity of imported flooring

- Oct 12, 2016-

A, fake original imports

Performance: the sign of the original import, but was unable to provide the original product-related information.

Method: the most direct way is Internet access. Open the product page, often found abroad in each brand's Web site. Fish to one of the foreign Web site to see whether their product packaging and product designs and internal home page, especially with products sold in the shop. Then abroad all over the dealers page to see which company is the General Agent in China.

Small series of reviews: Finally, search any of the foreign brands, you may find that there are hundreds of pages in the search results, there may be local Flooring Association, there are stores abroad. If you do not rest assured? or you can call directly to foreign companies ask? it is best to find a category pages asking European distributors, know whether the products they sell is the same as you see in your home.