What are the building materials of the light-weight wall material?

- Oct 12, 2016-

What are light-weight wall material

1, GRC lightweight partition materials

It is a cement-matrix material, alkali-resistant glass fiber reinforced material fiber reinforced cement composites. It features great tensile and flexural strength and good toughness. This material is suitable for the production of decorative molding and is used to characterize a strong texture. GRC materials of greatest advantage to meet the individual needs of architects, complete the expression of various decorative shapes and textures.

2, lightweight partition Board

Light partition Board is a new type of energy-saving wall materials, it is shaped like a hollow-core floor slab of wall materials. It is made of harmless phosphogypsum, lightweight steel slag, fly ash and other industry wastes composed, and is formed by frequency conversion and conservation of steam under pressure. Light partition Board is light weight, high strength, multiple environmental protection, thermal insulation, noise, respiratory moisture, fire, rapid construction, reduce the cost of wall and so on.