Measure the wall and plan the design
Measure the size of the wall to find out the central point of it
Then mark vertically and horizontally
Select a pattern for installation
Paint high-permeability water-based seal primer to panels’ back

Install the panel on the wall
Firstly, brushing water-based all-purpose glue on the wall and the panel back
To put the heavy duty construction adhesive to lower parts of panel back
Apply the panels on the wall same as planned design
Using wallpaper knife to cut panels freely when meet corner or circuit of the wall 
Clean the panel with the dry towel before painting if it is with dust
Paint twice with high-permeability water-based seal primer evenly

Fill the gaps /seams
Fill the seams with water-based putty along the line of panels
To spray elastic odour-less all in one paint of Nippon brand

下载.jpgArchiboard 3d wall panel installation manuel.pdf