2016 Flooring Companies Do Business, Do You Really Read The Two Policies?

- Oct 12, 2016-

Recently, vey building materials cooperation agreement with Saint floor, St floor East Beijing flagship store will be operated by vey team full of building materials, make full use of their respective advantages on both sides will seek common Saint brand share of floor in the store. Ever since the open a business channel, as online sales fared on the floor. Cat Mall last September days to disclose the floor sales data, Saint flooring sales of more than 1.5 million in the month, while nature flooring up to more than 25 million in sales in the month, on the lines of the two is not an order of magnitude. The Saint on the East Beijing sales operations entirely in the hands of a third party, indicating active exploration and power of the Saint on the online channel, want to get rid of line sales sluggish impasse.