2017 Latest Wallcovering Modern Style Classical Modern Wall Panel For Walls

- Aug 16, 2017-


Basic Info.


Model NO.:rubik




Color:white, can be painted by any colors




Feature:Decoration, Waterproof


Pattern:modend fashion design




Usage:Household, Entertainment




Wallpaper Description


3D Wall Panel is the most popular wallpaper designs in foreign market.It is modern young person's first choice.It is very fitable to decorate even the living room, bedroom and office.It is waterproof and easy to clean.Most of them are modern designs.

Right Principle

Choose the right>If you want to choose the right wall panels for you. 

the>While if the dark small room, you are kindly recommended to use the warm colour, red, yellow, orange and so forth.

Whether to choose the Vermiculite or any other wallpapers depends on sorts of factors, such as climate, environment, etc.

Believe it or not, we can't deny that the size is the more significant when you choose the decorative pattern.

Whether the size is suitable or not depends on the size of your room including the wallpaper size and the pattern size in the wallpaper.


Main Feature of the 3D Wall Panel

- Elegance. Embossed and paintable.

- Usage:administration,commerce,entertainment.

- Light weight. Less than 1.8 kg per square meter

- Easy DIY. Use the glue to stick it to the wall, which is easy, convenient & time-saving

- New technics,fresh design,fine workmanship ,superior quality favorable price ,seamless and Environmental

- Fire retardant, washable.

- No pollution,no public hazard, environment-friendly

- Good breath,eco-friendly.

- Deep embossing texture, strong hand feeling.

- Mildew resistant, mould-proof

- Non-toxic water ink.We use eco-friendly oil ink.


3d wall panel Images 




3d wall panel Specification

1.Good breathing & Clear texture 

2.Non-toxic&Mildew resistant 

3.Sound absorption & Waterproof

4.3d wall panel wall fashion design


7.Washable, eco-friendly 



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