Decorative Pvc 3d Wall Panel For Bedroom Decoration

- Sep 25, 2017-

Fashion wall art decor pvc 3d texture wall panels for bedroom decoration

Many people like to decorate the metope with the wallpaper of beautiful color when decorating, give a person a kind of comfortable and comfortable feeling from the vision. But the wallpaper in the new house didn't come up for a few days, and the wallpaper was wasted.


Autumn shop put up wall paper, if do not have the wall paper glue that buy quality pass quality, wall paper can be cracked, construction stage is the most crucial. The construction of wall paper shop is best ask professional personnel to undertake, because construction craft can affect the finishing effect directly. And the wall must be kept in a proper dry and tidy before putting up the wallpaper. Before construction, the water should be less than 6% and the PH value is less than 9.


New concrete metope construction normally must maintain 20 days to 40 days, ability can undertake wallpaper of the spread. Autumn weather is relatively dry, the wall paper buys back after don't open seal, want to seal preservation, before use before open. The wallpaper should be placed in the water to soak up the water.


This way the metope decorates to use wallpaper, trouble is not good. Many people are greedy for cheap, choose simple wallpaper, perhaps can be mouldy fall off craze, the extreme influence is beautiful, and the problem of formaldehyde comes, the new house decorates can not be able to move in.

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