Flooring Industry Development Trend

- Oct 12, 2016-

From the rise of the e-commerce today, enterprise has gone through the floor under traditional management thinking on electrical resistance, exploration, setbacks, successes a series of short story. Regardless of the flooring business owners like it or not, still comes with its devastating swept. According to Chinese industry publication of the wood flooring industry development present situation investigation and analysis report on e-commerce version 2016 according to the flooring industry overall has an increasing trend in e-commerce sales. Whether it be adding third-party e-commerce platform, or build their own e-commerce platform, to participate in the e-commerce trends flooring companies are also increasing. A case study of Changzhou, the floor export has been in the domestic leading position, but with the decline in exports, Changzhou started actively seeking expansion of the online channel. At present, built a number of e-commerce, henglin town model village, has a size of floor shop more than 380 enterprises. Last year alone, sales reached 1.5 billion yuan.