Flooring Industry Primitive Eruption (1999-2016)

- Oct 12, 2016-

After 1999, flooring industry has entered a booming period in 2006, the Chinese flooring industry "emerging brands year" this year, there have been "China wood flooring of all"--Nanxun. China "laminate flooring"-Cui Qiao Qian, "China wood flooring"-Angie, they produce, has led the regional brand. Also makes the whole floor to more standardized. Chinese flooring industry began to enter the brand. Originally, a small small workshops started to gather the strands of a rope on the essence of the brand management course, set up the fist brand!

Nowadays, the increasingly fierce market competition in the flooring industry, companies are facing increasing pressures. Under the more than 30-year history, competition among enterprises has the floor hard competition, from product quality to brand building, and service on soft power. For any flooring companies, regardless of the length of time of its development, are required to keep up with the trend of the times, in parallel with the insight into the market, brand and service force, only in this way can be developed.