From The Grain Sales Floor To Paint Time How To Release Primitive

- Oct 12, 2016-

Flooring industry "primitive" sprouts (1985-1992)

Put forward by Deng Xiao-ping's "let some people get rich first", since then, the great change in the life of the people, with the stabilization of life, people begin to pay attention to home. In the late 80, many began to gather in Beijing and gradually formed the floor of wood area, spacious environment, creating the flooring industry's rapid growth.

Flooring industry "primitive" growth (1996-1999)

After five years of after market floor enterprises access to the different levels of development. In the late 90 's, flooring paint line shape, this is an epoch-making progress flooring industry. End grain sales, started a "paint era" in 1998-1999 of laminate flooring in China at that time was called "laminate flooring", "King Kong", and later unified to take a common name--laminate flooring.