Hotel Decoration Pvc Wall Panels For Walls

- Aug 16, 2017-

People began to more and more attention to metope adornment, metope adornment material also began to follow the market trend, full of beautiful things in the metope of decorative products is increasing, the different decoration material has its advantages and disadvantages of the nature of state. What kind of metope adornment material is the space that suits oneself most? What kind of wall decoration material is satisfactory?

The feeling of the artistic cover - wall decorative board

pvc 3d wall panel.jpg

Metallic Golden color for your walls

colored wall panel.jpg

Old Golden color 3d wall design for interior and ceiling decoration

This kind of element board with pure white is given priority to, line sculpt texture is clear, simple but elegant simplicity, wipe the traditional common pronoun, even if it is pure white, transfer is the art of modelling, elegant temperament. The metope of such white and white has a life, in the traditional metope, the white wall that has been few to go out, the white wall of your home is not common white wall.

3d wall panel.jpg

3d board.jpg

colored wall panel (2).jpg

decorative wall panel.jpg

The wall effect of wall adornment board increases the space style, won't make the atmosphere depressing and lethargic, also have adornment originality. This kind of space design, kill two birds with one stone, the first, saves the tedious construction step, the second does not have painstakingly to buy adornment artwork to decorate metope.

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