Interior And Exterior Decorative Fashion Metal 3d Wall Panels

- Sep 12, 2017-

Metal 3d wall panel , in metope decorate in the work outfit, use more, this kind of metope USES the metal decoration panel to decorate the wall to protect the wall, fashionable and beautiful effect. It has features of light weight, easy installation and good weatherability, more outstanding is clear can make the structure of the appearance of bright colors, lines, grave and elegant, this unique adornment effect is favored by architects.

It also has the characteristics of fireproof and waterproofing, which is the best choice for decoration, especially suitable for large public places. The metal panel is the ideal choice for the environment.


Metal plate with metal light texture, plus pattern processing, or wire drawing effect, make the kinds of metal plate more diversification, meet all kinds of furniture, the overall sheet metal cabinet, indoor background, demand such as external wall, more noble and generous.


Cool wall plate installation system adopting slotted form, the joint between plate is used secret spell not glue craft: cool wall metope of 3 d sheet metal mainly reflects the artistic effect, plate between using sealed splices, reduce the frame joints, effect on the overall modelling performance elevation effects more unified, coordinated; Meanwhile, due to the lack of glue, it reduces the pollution of the surface of the 3D wall panel and keeps the surface clean for a long time.


The 3D wall panel fittings are made of aluminum alloy profiles with higher precision and closer cooperation. Through the installation of the effect, the high - end performance of the product.

Metal exterior decoration plate is a kind of decorative plate which has the advantages of aesthetics, light body, fire protection, heat preservation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance and easy construction. It has been widely used in Japan. Exterior decorating plate in China is mainly used for environmental protection public toilets, trailer, box, kiosks, the guard, such as wall material, and gradually began to use on senior villas and building outside wall, is an ideal way to conform to the requirements of the state environmental protection building materials.


Cool wall 3D metope decorative board double dip galvanized, quality assurance 10 years not fade color. Its related technical properties are identified by the national building 


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