Plant Fiber Pvc Material 3d Wall Panel For Wall And Ceiling Decoration

- Dec 30, 2016-

3D wall panel that can help customers create an environment that meets both internal and external application through the texture panel in residential and commercial areas

Our product range includes three-dimensional embossing of thermoplastic deformable panels designed for use in walls and ceilings

We have over 55 designs, installations, glue, and can be used both interior and exterior

3D wall panels / 3D wallpapers / 3D panels

All the panel's colors are shown only for display. our original panels are white in color, can be painted.

First hand materials: 100% plant fiber

Unique: fireproof, waterproof, moisture, can be cleaned, paint, 90 degrees


1. Furniture decoration: TV backdrop, wall decorations

2. Commercial website: hotel interior decoration, office building exterior wall, storefront

3. Leisure Center: bars, KTV, beauty salons, restaurants, cinemas, restaurants, cinemas, studios, conference rooms, teahouses.

4. Main Exhibition: Auto Expo booth decoration