Specification For E-commerce Logistics Introduction, Upgrading Flooring Enterprise Standard

- Oct 12, 2016-

Recently, the Commerce Ministry announced the first industry standards in the field of electronic commerce in China of the e-commerce logistics service specification, the specification will be implemented on September 1, 2016 national official. In line on the floor of the sales process in the past, often because the logistics are not in place, loss or logistics responsibilities of unknown cause consumers and disputes between the companies, especially in the "6·18" and "double 11" and large-scale promotional activities, because of logistics problems of return rates and high complaint rates. Introduction of the specification, the clear distinction between the responsibilities and rights of the parties, and specifications of the e-commerce logistics service quality, flooring companies no longer have to say no.

Due to overall consumer trends in the shift from line to line, floor business development channels on the line not just the pursuit of sales, but for building brand influence. Flooring business punches actively in e-commerce at the same time, should also be actively concerned about the policy change, adjust their service, so whole under-floor electric supply chain into a virtuous circle.