Wood Texture Covering Decorative 3D Wall Panel on Sale

- Sep 19, 2017-

Northern wind directly, atmosphere and simple decoration, functionalization and close to nature, northern wind not flashy design, make indoor living environment is a simple, quiet life, let a person indulge. Domestic outfit need not so much multifarious can achieve the elegant temperament like poetry.

Want to build a home to have a sweet and emotional appeal, actually very simple, in the metope that other people do not want to go to take a kung fu to pay a lot of little scheming. Today share some of the price with you pretend bility high utility metope adornment, let everybody spend the least money, can decorate the metope small detail of the home is interesting.

Cool wall 3D metope adornment board, surface smooth, stereo modelling design, still have different color and design, tie-in different furniture, elegant and unique.




It looks tasteful and artistic. You can also DIY DIY, which is one of the most happy things about taobao.




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